Alberto Fernández’s message after sharing a breakfast with his cabinet: “Unity depends on us”

Alberto Fernández greets during the walk between Casa Rosada and the Cathedral (Maximiliano Luna)

President Alberto Fernández shared a breakfast with his cabinet at Casa Rosada before participating in the Tedeum led by Mario Poli at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The head of state arrived at 10:38 to greet his collaborators and pose for the traditional “family photo.” The first leader to receive the president’s embrace was the ambassador and former Minister of Justice criticized by Kirchnerism, Marcela Losardo. Quite a gesture in the middle of the internal one that divides the dome of political power.

The president took the opportunity to download a message: “The unit depends on us, it is an individual decision of each one of us.”

“We commemorate May 25, 1810, it was the beginning of the road to independence and coincided with the day we arrived with Néstor in 2003. The message for Argentines is more unity than ever. It is a very difficult time in the world, we have to work for peace and I am going to ask for peace wherever I go. It is a time of reunions and we cannot give ourselves permission to subject humanity to more damage “developed against Infobae.

The first of the ministers to arrive at the meeting, at 9:59, was the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez. Behind him, almost in a row, they began to enter the Rosada Gustavo Beliz, Julius Vitobello, Gabriela Ceruti Y John Ross. A few minutes before the adviser had arrived Dora Barrancos, leaning on a cane, and Losardo, in a black dress and a very elegant light overcoat. Then the national deputy was added Victoria Tolosa Pazthe president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pescethe head of the AFIP, Mercedes Marco del Pont the Falklands secretary, William Carmona and the Vice Chancellor, Pablo Tettamanti.

At 10:20 the ministers of Justice entered, almost at the same time, Martin Soriaand Agriculture, Julian Dominguez. At that time, a long table with churros, sweet potato and quince pastries. To drink, a classic infusion for the date: hot chocolate.

Churros and hot chocolate for the ministers at Casa Rosada
Churros and hot chocolate for the ministers at Casa Rosada

Destiny paradoxes: Eduardo “Wado” de PedroMinister of the Interior and trusted man of Vice President Cristina Kirchner arrived almost at the same time as the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanwhich this week gained internal power after the resignation of Commerce Secretary Roberto Feletti.

Behind them came the chancellor santiago cafierowho postponed a trip to Mexico for a couple of hours in order to join the official celebrations, and Defense Minister Jorge Taiana. Carla Vizzetti (speaks at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland) and Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta, they removed a female presence from breakfast, since both are traveling abroad. Two other Cabinet officials who were missing were Matthias Lammens (Tourism), Claudius Moroni (Work and Vilma Ibarra (Legal and Technical Secretary).

the chief of staff, John Manzur, who is usually one of the first to enter Casa Rosada during business days, today broke tradition and was one of the furthest behind; he entered almost at the same time as President Fernández. Curiously, the president arrived by helicopter but did not enter a car through the esplanade, but rather he did it through a side door on foot. After the greetings and the photos in the Hall of Busts, he spoke briefly with the accredited journalists.

At 10:50, the President and officials walked from La Rosada to the Cathedral along Rivadavia Street. The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Serge Massaalso participated in the brief pilgrimage, joining the esplanade of the Government House.

As they walked, with the Plaza de Mayo completely fenced off, without rain but very cold, several militants identified with Argentine flags and with a couple of Evita Movement banners, cheered the President and his companions. Only one person, dressed entirely in gray, began to repeatedly shout at the top of his voice “Scammers, scammers” to the passing of officials. Nobody answered him.

Statements by Alberto Fernández for May 25

Cristina, absent in the middle of the intern

Vice President Cristina Kirchner published a message on social networks to commemorate the Day of the Fatherland. “With the same love as always for our country and our history, even in such difficult times for our people, today more than ever: Long live the Argentine Homeland!“, wrote.

The former head of state will not participate in the Tedeum that will be held in the Metropolitan Cathedral, according to advances from her surroundings Infobae. He traveled to the south with his son, the national deputy Máximo Kirchner. His last public appearance was in the province of Chaco, where he strongly criticized the economic team in the midst of the internal politics that confronts President Alberto Fernández.

May 25 is a special day for CFK. 19 years ago, in 2003, the mandate of her husband, the late former president Néstor Kirchner, began.


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