Ajijic, a picturesque and bohemian destination

Less than 50 km from Guadalajara Ajijic is located, a beautiful magical town that is part of the municipality of ChapalaIt has a lake view, picturesque streets, perfect weather and years of history and tradition.

Less than 50 km from Guadalajara is Ajijic.  (Courtesy)

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Less than 50 km from Guadalajara is Ajijic. (Courtesy)


The history of Ajijic begins before the Spanish conquest, when tribes descended from the Nahuatl settled on the shores of Lake Chapala.

This small Nahuatl community named this place Axixic, which means ‘Place where water flows’ or ‘Place where water runs’, -according to their mythology- for being one of the four cardinal points, in reference to the climate and powerful energy. region of.

Ajijic as a Spanish settlement, was founded in 1531 and is one of the oldest towns in Mexico.

The cobblestone streets, the parish church, the chapel and now a few residences date back to the Spanish influence, but it was not until 1930 to 1940 when this fishing village became a magnet for foreigners.

In the 1950s, Ajijic had a population of 6,000 people, today that number has grown to more than 11,000 as it is considered a hospitable and quiet town that attracts adventurers from all corners of the world.

The best climate in the world

This Magical Town is situated on a narrow strip of land between the mountains to the north and the lake to the south. Between San Antonio Tlayacapan to the east and San Juan Cósala to the west. It is seven kilometers west of Chapala. Its average annual temperature is 22 degrees Celsius «72F», considered one of the best climates in the world.


This Magical Town maintains its Mexican identity, while at the same time catering to tourists, with hotels, inns, and restaurants galore, plus its streets are full of color, beautiful murals, and very picturesque to look at.

The community of Americans and Canadians who reside in the place, make it a cosmopolitan place, full of culture and art that turns out to be a perfect destination for rest.

In addition, some of its attractions are:

  • Ajijic boardwalk
  • Contemporary Mexican cuisine restaurants
  • International food restaurants
  • Kiosk and central park

Things to do in Ajijic

  • Stroll along its boardwalk and take a dream photo. It has a beautiful boardwalk that runs along the coast of the town with a view of the ancient Lake Chapala. There is also a small beach and at the dock you can rent boats and kayaks to ride around the lake.
  • Try the food of some of its restaurants with a wide variety of menus and international food.
  • Try a delicious traditional bread from Ajijic; It is the famous Tachihual bread
  • Horse riding. In the La Floresta community, along the main street, there is a special place for horseback riding, as well as a place where you can rent horses and walk around the town.
  • Rest on one of the benches in its beautiful square full of art.
  • Walk through its streets and enjoy the murals and art galleries, many murals that adorn the walls of the houses, some government buildings, the facades of the stores
  • Visit the Parish of San Andrés apostle. The first stone of the parish was laid in 1749, making this year 2021 exactly 272 years old since the beginning of its construction, a fact that is written in an inscription located on the main door.
  • visit the pantheon
  • Visit the Ajijic Cultural Center that is located in Jardín Norte in front of the main square and where murals and sculptures by artists with worldwide recognition are exhibited.