AFANION subsidizes the breakfasts of families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment and have to travel to the hospital on an empty stomach

The Association of Families of Children with Cancer of Castilla-La Mancha has launched the project ‘Breakfast with Afanion’. This is an initiative aimed at complementing the Economic Support program offered by the Association to families who need it. This new project aims to help families who see their expenses increase after their children are diagnosed with cancer.

And it is that on many occasions families have economic needs derived from the disease and its treatments, since expenses usually increase due to trips to reference medical centers: accommodation, maintenance, mileage, as well as other extraordinary expenses (pharmacy, therapies, etc.).

Added to this is the fact that in some cases the income of the family unit decreases, since in most cases at least one of the parents has to request a reduction in working hours, leave of absence, etc. to take care of her son or daughter.

‘Breakfast with Afanion’ in Albacete and the rest of Castilla-La Mancha

Added to the aid that the Association already makes available is ‘Breakfast with Afanion’. Through this initiative, breakfasts are subsidized for families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment. Specifically, Afanion pays for the breakfast of the minor and a companion when the boy or girl has to travel to the hospital on an empty stomach to perform a fasting blood test, prior to the administration of the corresponding treatment.

Families have to be members of Afanion to access this support program. Unlike other grants, in this case economic scales will not be taken into account. The Association will subsidize a total of four euros for each of the breakfasts. Families will have to keep the receipt from the cafeteria as well as the one from the hospital to verify that the dates coincide.

These supporting documents must be delivered to the Afanion social worker at the corresponding headquarters. From the Afanion Social Work department, the necessary procedures will be managed to proceed with the payment of the tickets. In addition, families can contact the three social workers at the Albacete-Cuenca, Ciudad Real and Toledo-Guadalajara offices in advance, as always, if they have any questions about the requirements or the operation of this initiative.

Families can benefit from this initiative from the moment of diagnosis and until the end of cancer treatment. This initiative was born with the intention of being maintained, in principle, until December 31 of this year. At that time, the economic impact of the program will be evaluated and its future viability will be assessed.