ADP takes to the streets to demand a 25% wage increase and other needs

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

The Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) began his peaceful demonstration for the fight for the 25% wage increase.

Part of the teachers present at the activity exposed their different criticisms and needs of the different educational centers where they work, among the complaints they mentioned the lack of school breakfast and lunch, supplies among other needs.

Along the same lines for others, “there are several demands that we are asking for, salary is only one of the parts that we are asking for and that also affects educational quality, in the case of directors there are many of us who work a shift like teachers and another as directors and they charge as teachers, decentralization, the items that do not reach the centers,” said Carlos Francisco, who is the director of a school.

For his part, the president of the Dominican Association of Teachers, Eduardo Hidalgo, called on the authorities to comply with what was promised, alleging that the fight continues for their part.

“To the authorities so that they open their eyes and hearts. We are going to give this last message so that they, if they have eyes, see, if they have ears, let them hear. Because the ADP neither gives up nor moves”, exclaimed Hidalgo.

At the same time, he extolled the functions of his colleagues during the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

“If today the 2020-2021 school year was saved in the midst of the pandemic, it is because you saved it. They promised internet for schools and it didn’t come, that they would receive support for the package and it didn’t come. If today, in this 2021-2022 school year, the schools are overcrowded, with a lack of breakfast, with a lack of teachers, with a lack of textbooks, working twice as hard, it is because you are there in the schools,” Eduardo Hidalgo claimed.

Hidalgo showed his discontent for those who have long served the educational system and still do not receive their pensions.

“There are teachers who are 40, 45, 50 years old today. What quality do you want to talk about? The 25% find a lot and we find little for what you deserve!” Hidalgo established energetically.

In turn, several of the educators who marched for the different needs of the union reiterated that they did not like having to stop classes in order to be heard.

“We should not have reached this level, the truth is that the stoppage of classes affects educational quality, but the teacher is an employee, the state is in charge of guaranteeing that this does not happen and for this there is an agreement without amount, without date, if the opposite had happened, it would come to this form”, declared José Pérez.

Between blue clothing, banners and umbrellas, nothing prevented educators from claiming what, according to their words, “belongs to them”.

One of the loudest slogans within the teaching crowd was “we want to eat the steak that the minister eats”.

“It hurts us because this is passion, but it is a job for both parties since the conditions must be provided to us, they want to accuse us of poor educational quality, but the education law 67-97 marks a series of factors that affect educational quality and there are only three teachers, the rest is between the state and the community, this is everyone’s responsibility”, commented Carlos Francisco.

The activity did not take place in Santiago due to the festivities of March 30.