Adelaide-style caperon salad, let summer begin

It is a warm early summer evening. The season opens in Pecorini di Filicudi. There are lots of old and new tourists. We are the ones we always have. He got used to that every night, or almost. We are there to:

– the more or less reinforced aperitif. Today organic chinotto with an almond cake that someone left on the Salooon table. Maybe it’s a new recipe on trial.
– to meet last year’s friends who returned only for June 2nd. No I’m not coming next August. I rent the house and go to India to meditate.
– to see newcomers working with boats
– to meet us like new calves to… do nothing.

We talk about the summer that has come too quickly. Tourists and capers in full blast. How to do it I ask my friends. I have collected many capers and my heart cries to throw them away.

There are no vegetables in the fields these days. It is already dry and the earth is preparing to face the great heat. If you want to eat vegetables you have to buy them at the supermarket. Unless a few months ago you planted zucchini and took care of it every day.

Many years ago these days I ate a strange fresh salad, but with an exotic, strong taste. They told me it was caperon salad. I tasted it almost with distrust. Fresh salad with capers which are very bitter.

This morning I went to the capereto. The climate and the lack of time made some capers bloom, but how many capers !!!! You can’t salt capers with normal capers. Time to absorb the salt and they are open. The flowers that can be glimpsed in the green make the capers not as beautiful as usual. What to do?

Noooo they tell me there are so many ways to eat or store them. They are the ideal salad in this period when there is nothing in the countryside. They are very good as a side dish to a slice of roast meat or to put in a sandwich.

I’ve been trying the recipes for five days. Some satisfy me, others less so. Today I finally go to Adelaide who gives me her grandmother’s recipe, Adelaide like her.

Put the capers in salted water, no brine (5-8% salt) and leave them for three to five days. Then blanch them with acidulous water (10% vinegar). As soon as they are cold, squeeze them with your hands, put them in a bowl and season them. Leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

Ingredients for Adelaide-style capers. 4/5 people

1kg of blanched capers

400 gr of new onions, cleaned and cut into small pieces. Better in strips.

400 gr of cherry tomatoes (to taste)

Mint to taste

Abundant oil

Salt to taste

Rosetta Furnari tells me that her mother-in-law made them sweeten with vine leaves (they suck up the bitterness of the caper). He changed the water three times a day for three days. She finally squeezed them with her hands and seasoned them all together, with what she had:

– oil

– garlic / onion


– oregano / mint.

Instead, Rosa’s husband …

  • He took the salted capers, desalted them well and well. She blanched them, squeezed them.
  • He prepared a large onion, fried it. When the onion was wilted she added some dried tomatoes, the capers and a little mint. Excellent on potatoes he read, but also alone. Ideal with eggs on a winter evening.