Abla joins the Week for the Promotion of Healthy Habits with a walk and…

ABLA.-The Río Nacimiento Clinic Management Unit, in collaboration with the Abla City Council, has organized a five-kilometre walk this Wednesday that has had the participation of twenty neighbors of various ages, including health personnel, Mayor Antonio Fernández and Councilor for Social Innovation, Félix Ortiz.

The participants left first thing in the morning from the Health Center in the direction of Las Huertas. Later they tasted a healthy breakfast where seasonal fruits predominated (apricots, cherries and strawberries). After the break, a maintenance gym workshop was held in the heart-healthy park.

The walk and breakfast has been the main activity of the Abla Health Center, encompassed in the Week for the Promotion of Healthy Living Habits that is being developed in other health centers in the province and in the Río Nacimiento region. Emphasis is placed on the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as the regular practice of physical exercise, which must be moderate and always adapted to the circumstances and needs of each person. Along with this, it is committed to the fight against smoking, through workshops on detoxification and activities for the prevention of smoking.

The Healthy Week in Abla ends on Thursday, May 26 (12 noon) at the Center for the Elderly with two talks on the telecare service of the Junta de Andalucía and on the risk of falls among the elderly population. The activities will conclude on Friday May 27 at the Health Center (12 noon) with an informative talk about the prevention of cervical cancer, as necessary and important as the prevention of breast cancer.