A vegetable smoothie for breakfast and another for dinner and lose weight

Throughout the day we must take a considerable amount of fruits, vegetables and vegetables to maintain a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet. A Sometimes we are lazy to prepare them, so juices and smoothies are a very quick way to prepare them, tasty, that allow a lot of combinations and with great depurative properties, antioxidants and that are a great source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins without the need to put a lot of calories into the body.

That is why we propose two alternatives, a very healthy one for breakfast, with more energy, and another also very healthy for dinner, lighter and detox, to purify the body and go to bed without feeling heavy and, therefore, to rest better.


You will see that it has a very intense red color that has a culprit and it is the beet. In fact, be careful when you cut it because it stains and dyes a lot. you will also need two carrots, an apple, an orange and a lemon, These last two squeezed to get only the juice.

To prepare it, you only have to wash the beet, carrots and apple, gather all the ingredients and blend it. If you see that there is a little acid or bitter you can try to sweeten with agavebut never with sugar, neither white nor brown.

For dinner

The second is detox, that is, purifying, antioxidant and also with properties that facilitate fat burning. In this case, the color that will remain will be rather greenish and you will see that it is more subtle than the first.

You will need half a glass of Wateran cucumbera tablespoon of ginger grated, a bouquet of parsleya tablespoon of juice aloe vera and the juice of a lemon.

Cucumber and lemon are very present in this smoothie.

The next step is also Mix all ingredients and blend them very well to obtain this rich and nutritious drink that is also very light.