A new season is cooking in the oven with the most famous ingredients on Mexican television

Mexico City, July 13, 2022.- After an arduous search for the personalities that will be part of this new season, we finally found the 20 most competitive celebrities within the kitchen. All with the aim of crowning himself as the MasterChef celebrities 2022.

In this new season, the multifaceted singer TATIANA returns to season and accompany celebrities. On this occasion, the classic dishes of the gastronomic culture will be extolled, through real challenges it will be sought to test the chef who lives in each of the celebrities, once again it will be demonstrated why this program is the reality show of kitchen most famous.



Expert in gastronomy of fish and shellfish.

Owner of the restaurant El Delfín, in Nayarit, she has become a researcher and student of her roots, integrating them into the gastronomy of the sea.

Recognized by The Culinary Institute of America as one of the 100 most important chefs in the kitchen traditional

Her charisma, sweetness and firm mind have positioned her as one of the most beloved chefs in the format.


Your experience in kitchen international led him to specialize in French chocolate and pastry.

Recognized in 2011 by SAGARPA as the maximum exponent of Mexican cocoa and as a master chocolatier.

Owner of the renowned Quebó chocolate shop where he integrates Mexican flavors into his creations.


Owner of two restaurants: La Zorra, specialized in rice dishes, paellas and kitchen Mediterranean, and El Santo, where it bets on simple and well-made things like sandwiches and hamburgers.

He has traveled the world 3 times cooking, tasting and learning from each gastronomic culture he visits, especially the Mexican one.

He has cooked for renowned figures.

“Gipsy Chef” has created fame and a career with his casual style that has led him to success on social media and television.


Margarita “The Goddess of Cumbia”

Colombian nationalized Mexican, she started in music at the age of 18 and came to Mexico to be the vocalist of the “Sonora Dinamita”. In 1990 she began her career as a soloist, to date she has recorded 27 albums.

Allan Ibarra

He began his career as a radio announcer, participated in “Juguemos a Cantar” and in 1988 his great opportunity came when he was part of the successful group “Magneto”.

Talina Fernandez

Journalist, host and producer. She known as “The lady of the good saying” and with more than 50 years of solid career. She has been part of more than 30 major television productions.

Charles Edward Rico

Actor and comedian with more than 25 years of experience.

Nadia Lopez Ayuso

He reached his popularity by participating in the first broadcast of “La Academia”, since then he has built a solid career as a singer.

Francisco Gattorno

Famous actor known for his multiple melodramas in Mexico, Colombia, and the United States.

Lorraine Herrera

Actress and singer, she began her career in beauty pageants, has participated in more than 50 films, multiple soap operas, series and reality shows. She has released 7 albums as a singer and has become an icon for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Ernesto D’alessio

Actor, singer and former deputy, he achieved fame in the 90’s. He has been a part of major musical theater productions.

Alexandra Toussaint

Mexican actress who rose to fame after her appearance on the show “Survivor.”

Julio Camejo

He was an acrobat dancer and musician. In 1999 he began his acting career, he has participated in more than 20 soap operas, movies and plays.

Veronica del Castillo

Journalist, host, writer, therapist and lecturer.

Marcelo Lara

Musician, record executive and hamburger expert, he is one of the most successful figures in Mexican rock.

macky gonzalez

High-performance athlete who throughout his career has been a medalist in various disciplines.

Mauricio Mancera

Known for his great career as a driver and the altruistic activities to which he has dedicated himself. He has recently ventured into acting in the play “Company Animals”.

Carmen Campuzano

She began her career as a model for the Christian Dior brand, repeatedly appearing on the cover of “Vogue” magazine.

Pedro Moreno

Cuban actor and model, who at the time was considered one of the 25 most handsome Latinos by “People” magazine.

Alexandra Avalos

Singer-songwriter, producer, host, announcer and theater actress in film and television with more than 40 years of experience.

Ricardo Peralta

Better known as “Pepe” for the successful YouTube channel “Pepe y Teo.” He is currently part of the cast of “Supertitlán” that airs on Aztec 7.

Karla Sofia Gascon

Spanish actress, who had a notable participation in the film “Nosotros los Nobles”.

Arturo Lopez Gavito

Music producer, marketer, manager and television critic.

Sandra Smester, Director of TV content and distribution Aztec continues with the commitment to offer the best entertainment together with a great equipment prepare the return of MasterChef celebrities to screen of Aztec One.