A new option for breakfast in Seattle

It is a pleasure to know that the great restaurateurs expand and take their exquisite flavors to others, and it is that this great group where the restaurants like Gabinete, Pal’Real, Caligari and from De la O, to mention a few, he arrived at the Colonia de los Maestros (call him Seattle if you like) in a newly built location and with a nice place that has a terrace, living room and patio. With a decoration and architecture that gives pleasure. And well, there in front of this great ridge that the City Hall where Zapopan did a great job in its equipment and conservation, Enora welcomes diners with a promotion that travels by word of mouth.

Like some other times, I went to a business breakfast with a friend from the master’s degree, the good Eduardo and, as usual, I told him that we would order 3 dishes to share. Here the findings.

From the beginning and without it being food, I was able to enjoy this excellent coffee, their brand is Estelar and they roast it themselves until it is just right. Let’s get back to what concerns us then. We start with some good Chilaquiles with creamy sauce Chile morita ($120, in the photo) they are offered in a deep dish, the tortilla chips are presented in small squares with a sauce I would say a little thick, very attached to them, of an orange color full of flavor, which they accompany with some watercress sprouts, sprinkled aged cheese and a good portion of very good ranch cream. As a side plate they bring you a little plate with beans, a little reddened with a good portion of this rich cheese. They are super good, like that of honorable mention and photo with the well-groomed boy.

In the second half we enjoyed some eggs poached ($140) at the recommendation of the waiter, who by the way was very punctual and attentive. On a generous slice of rustic toasted box bread, they mount two poached eggs at their point. By opening the yolk and seeing its liquid silkily drain, we can all know it. They crown it with a creamy spinach preparation sprinkled with finely grated cheese.

The last one was the one that we both took a look at when we saw the menu: roast beef sandwich ($140) as simple as they say, so simple as it is to prepare (of course, with the roast beef already sliced) and the great skill that goes into making this delicious meat just right, which denotes hours of cooking and dedication. Unlike many other places, here it is served in a hamburger brioche bun, on the plate they only present this one and a couple of pickled cucumbers, by themselves of course, to accompany. On the side, they offer a bit of au jus, which is the cooking juice of the whole piece of meat that is weighed through a sieve to leave it as clean and clarified as possible. With it, we chop each bite of the sandwich to give it that unforgettable touch.

Be happy



Aurelio Ortega 515, Col. Los Maestros, Zapopan, Jal. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

IG enora.enora.enora


  • food 5
  • place 4.5
  • Environment 4.5


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