a Lot-et-Garonnaise in the Top 10 of French cake designers

This cave of Ali Baba is that of Virginie El-Abdelli, self-taught cake designer. “I learned by watching videos on YouTube for two years,” she says. I spent my nights there! When I had the level, I in turn made tutorials. »

A concept from across the Atlantic

If the concept is American, Virginie has Frenchified the technique, responding to the tastes and desires of her customers in France. Surprising icing and modelling, spectacular trompe-l’oeil, balance defying gravity… The pastry chef is a creator of emotions. The pleasure of the eyes is as important as that of the taste buds: “These are pastries above all! The goal is still that they are eaten…”

The jukebox, of which Virginie is particularly proud.


A specialist in “Icing paradise” (“royal icing”, hence the name of his company), the Aubiacaise is recognized, among other things, for his extremely fine “lace” creations, which few professionals know how to do. “I also gave training sessions lasting several weeks. Since the birth of my daughter and with my main job, at the Mutualité sociale agricole, I only do occasional lessons, on an afternoon. »

Discovered by chance

During her studies in psychology, Virginie worked as a saleswoman at the bakery and pastry shop in Colayrac-Saint-Cirq. What was “only a student job” plunged her, without wanting it, into this universe of delights. “I loved seeing the pastry chef at work. We became friends, he introduced me to tricks and techniques. »

They are first and foremost pastries! The goal is still that they are eaten…

Later, in 2009, she started a culinary blog on which she published her creations and made herself known. A surprise cake, his first 3D cake for the wedding of his sister-in-law was the trigger and the beginning of this new passion: cake design. “It was she who made me discover this environment, by showing me photos. It was quite a challenge to start with that! »

Gold Medal in Miami

She trained, passed her pastry CAP in 2014, invested in professional equipment and started. Its customers, connoisseurs, 95% Internet users, live between Toulouse, Bordeaux, the Basque Country and come on site to pick up their orders. Virginie has been part of the top 10 French “cake designers” since 2018 and received the gold medal in 2017 in Miami, Florida, for her “Wedding cake”, ahead of her American competitors. However, she does not particularly want to participate in other competitions: “What I like now are the extraordinary commissions. Realizing the jukebox, for a wedding, stimulates me much more than any medal! »

His rewards: left: gold medal in Miami, right top 10 French.

His rewards: left: gold medal in Miami, right top 10 French.


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