a little corner of Hungarian street food and hearty breakfasts

Kroket is one of our favorite breakfast spots for its generous portions and unique Hungarian dishes.

There are few Hungarian food places in the city, so it is normal to have high expectations when visiting one, since its gastronomic richness makes each bite a surprise experience for the palate. If you don’t know what the dishes are about hungarian street foodbut you want to try them in an authentic and traditional space, come with us to discover croquette.

Eat, enjoy and share!

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Photo: Croquettes

With a fairly extensive and substantial menu, croquette makes an entrance to the world of Hungarian food offering combinations full of flavor and charm, which will surprise any demanding palate. For breakfast, which is the favorite part of the menu, you will find delicious pancakes of ate with cheese, Taco Breakfast – Arabic type bread of its dough langosstuffed egg with bacon green salad and spicy dressing –, and unusual ‘Chilakroket’ – Hungarian dough empanada, stuffed with baked chilaquiles with chicken, roasted cabbage and mozzarella –.

Photo: Koket

Hungarian bread stands out in almost all the breakfast options in croquetteLike the muffin toast – Hungarian bread muffins with mozzarella beans and pico de gallo – and the Toast Rosee – with beet hummus and roasted vegetables –. You will also find some pancakes very romantic and colorful, made with rose petals and blueberries. Run for your companion, surely both will be surprised!

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Photo: Koket

Besides the breakfasts, this place has the most spectacular Hungarian meals with Mexican touches and runny. The croquette they are the specialty, a kind of bread empanadas langos with various fillings to choose from, accompanied by sautéed cabbage and mozzarella. Bacon Club Croquettes is another of the most popular lunches – beef, bacon, blue cheese and caramelized onions wrapped in langos or Hungarian dough –, Gulyas which is a Hungarian stew worth trying – beef, carrot, mushroom and red wine, and its muse is a spicy delight that will leave you wanting more – empanadilla or croquette chicken breast with cherriescucumber, Greek olives and feta cheese –.

Photo: Koket

During your visit, don’t forget the drinks and desserts, which stand out for having floral, fruit and seasonal ingredients. Its vanilla ice cream with rose granola, caramel sauce and red berries, and cheesecake parmesan with guava and fig are the must-sees; As for drinks, be sure to try the grapefruit and white wine mojito, the coconut granita with roses, and the ‘clara de pepino’. Anyone will surprise you.

Photo: Croquettes
ADDRESS: Pedro Romero de Terreros Ext 19, Del Valle.
PHONE: 55 6821 6300
WEBSITE: kroket.com.mx