a cookbook of 70 mexican chefs

To make use of chef José Andrés’s project to feed Ukrainian refugees on the border with Poland, 70 Mexican blogger chefs came together to make a cookbook called Cooking for Ukraine that seeks to raise funds to feed five thousand people.

This initiative is headed by Andrea and Pamela Berrondo, founders of the Mesa Sana Instagram account. The project began on March 4, collecting recipes and tips from different women who wanted to join the cause.

The goal started at 10,000 euros. Today, 10 times more than expected have already been raised, but the project continues.

The first idea was to launch ourselves alone, but we knew that we were not going to collect so many donations; then my sister Pamela came up with the idea of ​​bringing together more bloggers and making a recipe book to achieve the goal of not standing still in the face of Ukraine.

Andrea Berrondo

The objectives of Cooking for Ukraine

According to the World Central Kitchen proposal, each meal for refugees costs 50 pesos and, in line with the Mexican women’s initiative, donations can range from two meals; that is, one hundred pesos.

In 2 days, 70 women bloggers contributed with special recipes by theme: starters, breakfasts, main dishes and desserts. A compendium was achieved that highlights the talent of Mexican women and that also has a social meaning. All of this was edited and put together by Mesa Sana and Eat With Martis.

According to Andrea, the donation is direct; that is, even though Healthy Table and Cooking for Ukraine did the hard work, the money raised goes directly to World Central Kitchens.

Our original goal was to achieve 5,000 meals. With enormous support from our community, we quickly managed to generate a million and a half pesos in a single day. With 100 pesos we donate 2 meals, so imagine the impact.

Andrea Berrondo

With the visible results, the intention of Mesa Sana is to make an alliance with the team of chef José Andrés to support different vulnerable communities in Mexico.

I contributed an unpublished recipe for my passion fruit cake which is delicious; It is gluten-free, dairy free and low in sugar and they ask me a lot.

chef vanessa musi

Some of the chefs collaborating on this project are Vanessa Musi, Celina Garza, Eat With Martis, Ana Martorell, Gabriela Ruiz and Maricú Ortiz.

How to donate?

Although the goal has been achieved, the campaign continues and you can still donate to receive this recipe book.

  1. Enter this league.
  2. Donate the number of meals you prefer. The minimum is 2; there is no maximum.
  3. Take a screenshot of the donation and send it to [email protected]
  4. Cook for Ukraine you too.