A breakfast for ex-combatants: this was “What did come”, a project of the Jesús Teenager School

The sixth-grade boys from the Jesús Teenager School and their teacher Leticia Videla carried out an exceptional and emotional project that consisted, in addition to studying everything related to the Malvinas War, in paying homage to the ex-combatants from Tresarroy with a breakfast that was delivered to their house at home, along with chocolates and letters, what so many Argentine children sent to the islands in the middle of the conflict and that did not always reach the expected destination.

“There are almost 70, and we went down to each house, all of them, because they wanted to applaud them. Capriata waited for them with a rosary, told them a story, and made each one a rosary; It was a moment of total satisfaction and a project in which all areas and families collaborated”, Leticia highlighted.
“It was a simple and moving tribute to our war veterans; The project was organized some time ago, and from 9 in the morning we walked through the homes of the ex-combatants bringing them a breakfast tray painted by the boys themselves. And since the project is called What did come, they brought the veterans letters and chocolates like those that were sent during the war. In addition, we had to be in contact with all the ex-combatants but without telling them what we were going to do. And everyone was waiting for the boys, so that this story is recorded in those who come after us”, assured the director Susana Fernández.
The boys visited Hugo Belón, Héctor Cellerino, Marcelo Capriata, Mauricio García, José Luis Gómez, Carlos Quevedo, Mario Ielmini, at school they gave their gift to Juan Van Waarde and in Plaza España, where they paid homage at the monument to The Fallen in the war offered breakfast to Mónica Giménez, widow of ex-combatant Roberto Reducindo.