A breakfast at the Electric Cooperative :: EL HERALDO

President Marcelo Spinelli and Vice President Martin Santana received Juan Carlos Chagas, former head of Enersa and at the time of CTM-Salto Grande.

The cooperative members told the visitor some complexities and the works that the Concordia Cooperative has in the pipeline to expand and improve the service to consumers, for example, a new transformer station that would require a significant investment by the entity.

Chagas spoke of the opportunity that the Hydrogen era represents and the potential that the numerous hydroelectric plants in Argentina, among others Salto Grande, hold in this regard, at a time when the new source of energy is already in full development in central countries.

They talked about the cost of the residential tariff – home consumption – in a key week in which its updating is beginning to be discussed in public hearings at the national level. All expressed their concern in this regard given the economic situation in the country, but without denying that the aforementioned update is necessary if they want to reduce the subsidies that increase the fiscal deficit.

Although the new rate table to be approved will leave aside the most compromised segments of the population, any adjustment is automatically translated into daily life in various areas.


In another passage of the meeting, the latest figures released precisely by the Cooperative were discussed, in which Concordia has an industrial demand of just 9 percent and other cities such as GualeguaychĂș 54 percent.

“This is a key piece of information for the development and growth of a community because without industries and production, it is difficult to give people work, much less boost an economy like ours in Concordia,” said Chagas.

Spinelli recounted the proposals that the entity has made at the national level in sectoral meetings and Santana, as an accountant, described the financial picture of the distributors in general and the cooperatives in particular.

Finally, they agreed to move forward in raising awareness of the value of energy, and for this they considered the role of the media to be key.