95% of the inhabitants of CDMX have a taco stand half a kilometer from their home

The tacos not only one of cymbals most recognized of the Mexican gastronomy here and in the rest of the world, is also part of our cultural identityis an important element of what connects each Mexican with its culture, because the kitchen is a fundamental element of the societytherefore it is not surprising that each Mexican, on average, has a taqueria minimum to half kilometer about.

The taco and the street

The tacos is so popular that we can find it in restaurants or even in street stalls of food, the latter modality it is the way where we can find it more often, that is, there are street stalls whose sole purpose is to sell tacos. Are taquerias are so popular that there are even studies that have studied the distribution of these places and population that consumes them, like the one presented to us in the Gaceta UNAM.