8 of the most surprising gastronomic markets in Mexico

Whether you are looking for a gourmet or traditional proposal, here we share with you some of the gastronomic markets that every ‘foodie’ should know about in Mexico.

The history of mexican markets It dates from pre-Hispanic times, when they worked as a designated site for commercial exchange and social gathering. Despite conquests and important historical events, the markets maintained their commercial and native essence, and even evolved into specialized spaces for certain types of products or businesses.

Among our favorites are those where you can find delicious local cuisineeither in traditional spaces with authentic regional food, or in more modern ones with incredible proposals gourmet. So that you do not stop knowing them, here we share some of the most surprising gastronomic markets in Mexico.

Eat, enjoy and share!

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The Gourmet

Rome Market – CDMX

Rome Market It’s one of the gastronomic markets most complete – and popular – in the CDMX. Located in the rome colonyshare a proposal gourmet coexistence between quality, food and architecture; One of its objectives is to create a platform for the dissemination of new talent, so we invite you to tour its entire space before deciding what to eat, since you may be surprised by a new culinary discovery. In addition, it has an incredible beer garden with outdoor terrace, perfect to enjoy craft beers, classic cocktails and sparkling wines.

PHONE: 55 5564 1396
Photo: Rome Market
Photo: Rome Market
Photo: Rome Market

Telefonica Gastro Park-Tijuana

Telefonica Gastro Park It’s one of the most special gastronomic markets in Tijuanaa space full of good atmosphere and summer atmosphere, ideal to enjoy some of the local proposals of the destination. It has indoor and outdoor areathe latter with a brewery where Southnorte is produced – a craft beer originating in the United States -, as well as a large cocktail bar. In addition, its space can be rented to celebrate special events.

Address: Blvd Agua Caliente 8860, Tijuana.
Telephone: 664 684 8782
Website: Facebook
Photo: Telefónica Gastro Park
Photo: Telefónica Gastro Park
Photo: Telefónica Gastro Park

The Market – San José del Cabo

Located in San Jose del Cabo, the market It is an incredible gastronomic center with modern and innovative proposals, sharing a casual atmosphere where you can enjoy good food and a pleasant time with friends. Visiting it will be the perfect plan for those looking to learn a little more about the delicious gastronomy of the destination, since they will have different options to choose from and a guarantee of a spectacular experience.

Address: Transpeninsular Highway, Bv. Colorado Hill.
Telephone: 624 191 4476
Website: www.elmerkado.mx
Photo: The Market
Photo: The Market
Photo: The Market

Market 60 – Merida

Market 60 establishes itself as the first gastronomic and cultural market in Méridaoffering a large outdoor space where you can enjoy up to 18 gastronomic proposals, as well as an incredible cultural programming with craft bazaars, surprise shows, live music and traditional dances. If you visit it, we recommend you check its agenda on its website to be aware of its events, as well as learn a little more about each of its premises – there is an Argentine grill, artisanal pizzas, burritos, wings, ramen and more -.

Address: 60 461 Street, Santa Lucia Park, Merida.
Telephone: 999 163 8971
Website: www.market60.com
Photo: Market 60
Photo: Market 60
Photo: Market 60

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The Traditional

Black Market – Ensenada

The Ensenada Black Market It receives its peculiar name because it used to be one of the only places in the city where you can buy illegal fishing products – such as abalone and lobster -, as well as various marine species of incomparable freshness. It currently works constitutionally, and is consolidated as one of the gastronomic markets in Mexico worth visiting if you consider yourself a fan of seafood and sea cuisine. You will find delicious dishes with a northern spirit, such as shrimp cocktails, fried fish, ceviche tostadas and more.

Photo: Flickr

San Juan Market – Mexico City

The St. John’s Market is one of the most important in CDMXa set of four public markets known for offering exotic dishes and an incredible proposal of typical Mexican cuisine. It is usually visited by those looking to purchase products gourmet imported, as well as unusual foods that are difficult to find anywhere else – such as armadillo, crocodile, wild boar, escamoles, scorpions and grasshoppers.

Photo: Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office

November 20 Market – Oaxaca

The Market November 20 It is one of the best places to try authentic Oaxacan cuisinelocated a couple of blocks from the zócalo on the Oaxaca City. It is home to the legendary ‘hall of smoke‘, known for its more than 200 places where you can enjoy delicious grilled meats – cecina, chorizo, jerky -, traditional mole, tlayudas and regional dishes. We recommend you accompany your meal with a tejate, a typical drink made from corn and cocoa.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Santa Ana Market – Merida

Merida is one of the Mexican destinations that stands out for its exquisite gastronomy, made up of a variety of snacks Yucatecans hard to resist. In its Santa Ana Market is an obligatory stop to taste the best of its regional cuisine, whether you opt for its panuchos, salbutes, suckling pig cakesblack fill tacos or, why not, a a little of everything. It has outdoor spaces, so you will also be surrounded by an incredible local atmosphere.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons