8 mistakes not to make

There are 8 mistakes not to make when preparing watermelon salad: sfondoni to avoid from cutting to dressing, passing through the ingredients.

What can ever go wrong if our culinary ambitions in summer are limited towatermelon salad? A lot, despite the simplicity of the dish, one of those easy but not trivial, quick but not obvious, for real.

In fact, not many know how to prepare it well: the watermelon salad naturally lends itself to decay, in a sweet-salty liquid that is often unbalanced. To you meticulous, however, I welcome between these decisive lines: read them carefully mistakes not to make in watermelon saladpractice and enjoy the season.

Not knowing how to choose watermelon

Watermelon salad

It seems like a far-fetched thing, but I assure you that there are quite precise criteria for choosing a watermelon worthy of its name. You can observe the streaks, you can look for the light spot on the peel, you can evaluate its weight for the same size … all the strategies are described in our article, and in the case of a watermelon salad the choice of a perfect fruit is fundamental.

Do not eliminate the seeds

watermelon seeds

I’m not underestimating you, giving you this advice: take it more as an invitation to be particularly careful, because the pulp in this case must be damaged as little as possible and digging to extract all the seeds will be less simple than you expect. Cut it, and only then think about the seeds.

Cut the watermelon irregularly

Speaking of cutting watermelon, just avoid cutting it. In what sense? I mean that you should think upstream about how you would like to serve the salad: do you like the idea of ​​a watermelon in small wedges or cubes? Important size from one piece at a time in the mouth, or smaller so that more elements can be collected from the plate? Having made this choice, act accordingly and be specific. And rest assured, because you already know what will be the end of the cut waste!

Do not cauterize the surface

Watermelon salad

If there is one element that is not lacking in watermelon, it is water, and you will find a lot of it in the bowl and on the plate. You can dab the pulp of the watermelon as long as you want but it will always remain quite a bit moist. Cauterizing the surface is a solution both useful to prevent watering down, and useful for maximizing the sugary flavor of the fruit. You can pass the pieces of pulp on a well-heated plate, or – even better, for a very tasty aesthetic effect – on a hot grill like the eye of Mordor. I talk about it in this article, save it somewhere!

Do not include ingredients that counteract the sweetness

watermelon and feta

Not even in confectionery sweetness calls only sweetness: the sweeter a dessert, the more it should have a salty or acidic contrast – hence, for example, chocolate and salt crystals. The same goes for the watermelon salad: its sugary flavor needs a salty contrast, otherwise it will nauseat and not make your mouth water. I therefore speak of watermelon with: olives, caper flowers, vinegar, cheeses such as feta or quartirolo, lemon or lime zest, fresh tuna, cured meats, durum wheat bread. Here’s an idea.

Keep the watermelon in its own vegetable water

watermelon bread salad

Everything perfect, loved the salad, everyone happy and impressed, but you have any left over. Here, the last thing to do is leave it in the pot in which you seasoned it: would it wilt, soak in its own water – which in the long run also becomes indigestible, as in the case of cucumber, present? – it would lengthen all the other flavors, it would cause the other ingredients to wilt. Drain it, collecting the juice mixed with the seasoning, and let it drain for about twenty minutes; keep the substance and the sauce separately, and then consider whether to combine them at a later time or whether to dress the leftover salad with a little new and fresh dressing.

Add pure raw onions

watermelon salad

Onions, especially the Rossa di Tropea, seem to be born to go along well with watermelon. However, it would be a shame to waste this pairing by slapping the freshly sliced ​​onions along with the rest: they would be too pungent, they would cover the rest and leave a negative feeling on the palate. The solution? Marinate them, leave them to soak for an hour in vinegar heated with brown sugar and a pinch of salt. Taste the mixture and correct the elements until it feels pleasant and balanced, then pour it over the sliced ​​onions.

Using an extra virgin olive oil that is too intense

Watermelon salad

A drizzle of oil is a must, and in this case it is both for the flavor and for the binding of the ingredients. But be careful because if you choose an extra virgin olive oil that is too intense I assure you that it will cancel any other aroma you have on your plate. Choose one specially, perhaps delicate, and you will not regret it.

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