60.8 of Cordovan households have suffered some mental disorder

Cordoba Nursing recommend a ccorrect diet, physical exercise, social relations and a good pattern of rest and sleep to maintain the bemotional well-being and mental health, four fundamental pillars with which to deal with pathologies such as depression and anxietythe main health problems that concern and suffer the citizens of Córdoba. Not in vain, to the people of Cordoba they care a lot or a lot mental health problems by 68.8%, according to data from the survey ‘The health of Cordovans: concern and degree of incidence of mental health problems’, carried out by the Official College of Nursing of Córdobaas a result of a previous survey that has shown that these problems are the most worrying and have the greatest incidence in the province.

This survey shows that 60.8% of households in the province have suffered from any type of mental health problem during the last year, with the anxiety to the fore in 43.7%followed by sleep disorders, 41.8%; and depression, present in almost a third (32.5%) of households. Likewise, these problems reach 67.7% of women, compared to 53.4% ​​of men, according to the results of this survey.

Precisely, mental health has focused the first of the new Informative breakfasts Córdoba Nurse held this Thursday at the headquarters of the Cordoba Official College, with which this college organization wants to transfer advice and recommendations on Health Education to the public, as explained by the president of the Cordoba College of Nursing, Florentino Pérez Raya, and the vice president, Henry Castillo. Both were accompanied by the Cordovan nurses specialized in Mental Health María Luisa Rivera, Francisco González and Martín Toledano; as well as by the technician and health psychologist of the Association of Relatives and People with Mental Illness of Córdoba (Asaenec), Alejandra Muñoz.

Florentino Perez RayaIn the presentation of this first Informative Breakfast, he recalled the current increase in concern and the very incidence of disorders related to mental health in society, not only at the Cordovan level or as a result of the situation arising of the Covid-19 pandemic, since, as he said, “mental problems are one of the great threats to health in the 21st century, according to multiple experts and the World Health Organization itself, and the health and social crisis of the coronavirus has only increased them and made them even more evident. For your partHenry Castillo She explained that with the initiative of the Córdoba Enfermera Informative Breakfasts «the College and the nursing profession want to respond to the main health concerns currently shown by citizens, while continuing with their commitment and concern for everyone’s health; and with its work not only to provide the best care and attention possible, but also to be the main protagonist in terms of prevention and health education.


The three expert nurses from Cordoba offered the main keys to prevent and deal with different mental health problems, especially anxiety, depression and lack of sleep.

For these specific pathologies, the specialist nurse Martin Toledano, toCurrently a nurse in the Community Mental Health Unit of Córdoba in the South Sector, he has outlined a series of tips. A) Yes, facing anxiety, it is important to make a anxiety logto be aware of situations that cause anxiety or to avoid them; as well as getting enough sleep, maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly. It is also recommended to learn relaxation and breathing techniquesschedule times for leisure activities and enjoyment, face fears gradually, setting small goals; and avoid exciting drinks that contain caffeine, and toxic and alcohol.

“Already before cases of depression -Francisco González explained- it is important to accept the help of other people, expressing what you feel, your emotions; as well as practicing both physical and cognitive activities, improving nutrition and maintaining or strengthening relationships with other people, such as family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.” In addition to seeking the help of a professional, people who suffer or show early signs of depression can also help themselves by expressing their suffering and accepting help, staying active, facing the causes of their problem, always maintaining a positive attitude, avoiding unnecessary stress and valuing and struggling to maintain the affections of family and friends.

Lastly, and in the case of sleep disorders, It is important, first of all, to find out, “because if I understand the sleep cycle and the existence of normal periods of wakefulness, I will be able to stop worrying”, he has indicated. Mary Louise Riverathat he has pointed out, among other recommendations, doing some relaxing activity before going to bed such as reading, listening to music or watching television; exercise regularly but not in the hours before sleep; and avoid copious and heavy dinners and stimulating substances.