6 things you may not have known about birria

Birria is one of the dishes of Mexican cuisine that has become a trend in the United States.

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Birria is one of the dishes of Mexican cuisine that has been placed among the favorites in the United States. Along with the pozole, the birria is one of the most representative of the state of Jaliscoit is a type of barbecue, meat seasoned with a sauce made from a mixture of chili peppers and abundant spices.

1. How the birria was born

Traditionally the birria is prepared with goat meat. According to oral tradition, This dish arose due to an overpopulation of goats in Jalisco.

Birria means person or thing of little value or importance, pitiful in appearance. It is believed that the saucer was so named because Goat meat was considered by the Spaniards as a bad hard and smelly meatso they destined it for the Mexican indigenous people, who marinated and baked the meat under the ground, obtaining a tasty dish.

2. How the birria is prepared

The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy indicates that, to prepare the traditional birria, salt is added to the meat and it is spread with the chili sauce and left to rest for 12 hours; later it is wrapped in maguey leaves with the rest of the marinade and put it in a pot that is covered and sealed with corn dough so that the juices do not escape.

The meat is cooked for approximately four hours, until the meat is soft and can be removed from the bone. The meat is separated and the juice is mixed with roasted and ground tomato and left to cook to integrate the ingredients; later the meat is added and the birria is ready to be served.

3. Birria didn’t originally come out of tacos

Originally, the birria arose as a type of brothy barbecue that is served in a casserole or bowl in a similar way to the pozoleis usually accompanied by chopped onion and sauce for birria.

Tacos are a way to enjoy birria, separating the meat and serving it on corn tortillas with the addition of lime juice and some hot sauce.

4. You can prepare it with different types of meat

Although the birria was traditionally prepared It is usually prepared with lamb and goat meat, it can also be made with pork, veal, beef and even chicken and fish..

5. Birria tacos became a gastronomic trend in the United States and the world

In December 2021, Google presented its annual trending list. Birria tacos ranked as the third most searched recipe in the entire United States.

Birria tacos also ranked as the fifth most popular food trend in the world, according to the data analysis carried out by Exante also presented at the end of 2021.

6. In Mexico it is common to consume it to “cure the hangover”

One of the ways in which Mexicans use to “cure the hangover”, that is, as a remedy to cure a hangover, is by consuming certain dishes, especially spicy food.

Among the most popular straws to cure a hangover are: chilaquiles; the birria; belly, often or tripe; and shrimp broth.

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