6 haciendas where you will eat delicious in CDMX

These restaurants in haciendas of CDMX will be perfect to enjoy a culinary experience surrounded by a romantic and colonial atmosphere.

There are some haciendas in CDMX that, apart from sharing a surprising architectural and historical heritage, also offer an exquisite gastronomic proposal that exalts the traditional flavors of Mexico. They will be perfect to enjoy a culinary experience surrounded by a romantic and colonial atmosphere, as well as to delight in dishes of technical excellence and homemade seasoning. So that you do not stop visiting them, here we share some of the restaurants in farms that is worth knowing in the CDMX.

Eat, enjoy and share!

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Old Hacienda of Tlalpan

The Old Hacienda of Tlalpan offers one of restaurants with the greatest history and tradition in the CDMX. His proposal is Mexican and international gastronomy, with a menu that harmoniously balances traditional essence and contemporary character; You will find delicacies such as duck carnitas with molcajete sauce, escamoles with garlic and shaved abalone. The best of all is that you will enjoy your experience inside a beautiful old building, surrounded by natural vegetation and with an extremely romantic spirit.

PHONE: 55 5655 7888
Photo: Old Hacienda of Tlalpan
Photo: Old Hacienda of Tlalpan
Photo: Old Hacienda of Tlalpan

Hacienda of the Morales

Founded in 1967 as a restaurant, the Hacienda of the Morales It is one of the best places in the CDMX where you can enjoy Mexican history and gastronomy. Its history dates back to the 16th century, when its first mulberry trees were planted to raise silkworms, although it would not become a farm until later, and almost four centuries later a culinary precinct of Mexican and international specialties. You can visit it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, any one will allow you to enjoy the expertise and homemade seasoning from your kitchen.

PHONE: 55 5283 3000
Photo: Hacienda de los Morales
Photo: Hacienda de los Morales
Photo: Hacienda de los Morales

Hacienda de Cortes

Located in Coyoacanthe Hacienda de Cortes It is a beautiful Mexican colonial-style venue, perfect to learn a little more about the national history, as well as taste traditional dishes. It has been visited by distinguished personalities such as Lázaro Cárdenas, Pascual Ortiz Rubio, Miguel de la Madrid and Carlos Salinas de Gortariand its construction has also been the venue for important movies and soap operas. We recommend you consult the services for social events, with packages for breakfasts, lunches and special occasions.

Address: Fernandez Leal 70, Coyoacan.
Telephone: 55 5659 3741
Website: Facebook
Photo: Hacienda de Cortés

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Posada San Angel

Posada San Angel is set to what used to be the Hacienda of the Goicocheawith more than four centuries of history in which it worked as a space for colonial recreation and pulque hacienda. It is declared as ‘Colonial Monument’ by INAHand offers a beautiful restaurant where you can enjoy Mexican and international specialties; In its menu you will find dishes such as sea bass empanadas, tacos de first riband dry noodles with Foie gras.

PHONE: 55 5616 1402
Photo: San Angel Inn
Photo: San Angel Inn Restaurant

The New Hacienda

The New Treasury offers a wonderful restaurant with organic and traditional grill cuisine, always favoring the best quality ingredients, as well as grilled preparations with an invigorating flavor. The place offers 100% free grazing meat produced from the Tecolote ranch, as well as a fairly extensive menu of dishes from Durango-inspired haute cuisine and national mezcal. We recommend you to try

Address: Emiliano Zapata 200, May 10, Venustiano Carranza.
Telephone: 55 1554 2517
Website: lanuevahaciendacdmx.com
Photo: The New Hacienda
Photo: The New Hacienda
Photo: The New Hacienda

Former Hacienda San Pablo de Enmedio

On this site you will find one of the best restaurants in haciendas of the CDMXwith an exquisite cuisine proposal gourmet in charge of sharing dishes inspired by the culinary traditions of Mexico, always respecting national and local ingredients. Best of all, you will enjoy a space of surprising historical beauty, with colonial-style architecture and extensive outdoor gardens.

Address: Av. Ex-Hacienda de Enmedio 1, Col. Ex-hacienda de Enmedio.
Telephone: 55 5388 9033
Website: exhaciendadeenmedio.com.mx
Photo: Former Hacienda de Enmedio
Photo: Former Hacienda de Enmedio
Photo: Former Hacienda de Enmedio