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6 foods to avoid if you’re worried about your figure

In most cases, figure and health go hand in hand, although not always. That also does not mean that, although our figure does not suffer, there are no foods that are dedicated to sabotaging our well-being. For that reason, having a good breakfast is a way of not falling into excesses at midday or not feeling lacking in strength as the morning progresses.

However, it is common for us to make certain sins during that first hour of the day. It can be with foods that are too sugary, but also with fatty elements or those rich in simple carbohydrates that offer us few nutritional advantages.

It is clear that we are light years away from the British or American breakfast format, where eggs, omelettes, bacon or even pancakes, waffles and endless sauces appear. The Spanish breakfast, according to various studies, is synthesized in a hot drink and on toast or pastries. However, there are certain elements that it is convenient to remove or, at least, consume in a timely manner.

Three enemies of your food at breakfast time

There are three elements that will do us too little good first thing in the morning. Really, the abuse of added sugars, simple carbohydrates or saturated fats, In addition to the presence of an excess of salt in the first bites of the day, it should be avoided.

The best alternatives would go through, instead of white bread, bet on wholemeal bread —more satiating and nutritious—; instead of fruit juices, whole fruits and, of course, if we leave aside processed foods such as cereals -generally very sweetened-, processed meats -although it is not our tradition- or the hidden danger that certain soluble cocoas pose, better than better.

Orange juice

Although packed with vitamin C, an orange juice also means consuming all the fruit’s sugar in just a few gulps. ©Unsplash.

Is loaded with vitamins and has become a commodity common in western breakfasts, although it is not particularly related to the Mediterranean diet. However, its abundance —both natural and packaged— is becoming more and more remarkable. However, it should not be in our wakes.

The reason is very simple: it is a sugar bomb. Natural or packaged, an orange juice will mean take all the fructose that two or three oranges can have at once. That is, a sugar rush that will give us energy for a while, but it won’t go beyond that. On the contrary, we take certain benefits out of the equation, such as its fiber, which would be good for us to alleviate intestinal transit.

soluble cocoa

In the case of betting on soluble cocoa, let’s look for those with less sugar. ©Unsplash.

For decades we have fed our children with various cocoa powders with the feeling of giving a healthy product. Through Nutriscore, the reality is that the cocoa powders with which to color milk are products with a very high amount of sugarso that explains the sudden ‘boost’ of energy they produce, but they are stripped of many other nutrients.

Although they usually include certain minerals, the reality is that, if we are concerned about our health and our figure, we should reduce the intake of this type of cocoa. The correct option would be to look at the labeling and see what it is giving us. If the first component is sugar, we are going wrong.


Let’s try to look for whole grains with few added sugars. ©Unsplash.

Many of the cereals that we consume daily are the festival of processing, especially those that we give to children, since they usually demand sweeter flavors and therefore more sugary. It is true that they add flavor to the product, but it is a bad way to have breakfast because it is still a plus of added sugars that should be avoided.

The solution goes through Look at the label and check the ingredients that are present. If sugar occupies any of the first three positions and the nutritional information tells us that sugars represent more than 10% of the weight of the product, it would be better to discard it.

Bacon and other processed meats

It is not frequent in our breakfast, but bacon and other processed meats, rich in salt and saturated fats, are better avoided. ©Unsplash.

We have already said that bacon is not the king of our breakfasts, contrary to Anglo-Saxon trends, and we do well. We speak, in general terms, it is about food and products rich in saturated fat —it is still pork fat— and with a relatively high salt content, due to the curing process.

It can also be extrapolated, following the same general pattern, to sausages and cured meats, including some of our most famous cured meats. If we bet on sausage, let it be in moderation and quality, because it also supposes amounts rich in sodium and salt. In this sense, we have already explained what is the healthiest sausage for our day to day.

industrial bakery

Let’s pay attention to the labeling of industrial pastries to avoid high intakes of salt, sugar or saturated fats. ©Unsplash.

It sounds obvious, but just in case, it should never be remembered that it is usually loaded with sugar and carbohydrates that only come from refined flour. In addition, they are foods with a more or less high amount of fat. Whether they are butter, margarine or certain vegetable oils, not always olive.

As in so many other elements, nutritional information is our best ally. If we find that sugar is among the first ingredients or that the Saturated fats far outnumber unsaturated fats. better to discard it from our day to day.

sweetened yogurts

If we resort to yogurts, better without sugar and even better if we make them more complete with small amounts of fruit and nuts. ©Unsplash.

Yogurts are satiating foods, they include a good amount of protein and a percentage that is generally low in fat. So it is normal that they attract some attention at breakfast. It is not necessary to eradicate them, but let’s do without those that could be rich in fat. Or those that are too sugary, as often happens with the yogurts of the smallest of the house.

Low-fat options are plentiful, and so are those without added sugars. If even so we do not resist a point of sweetness, better bet on sweeteners that do not involve more calories of the account or, if they suppose them, that they are like honey or vegetable syrups, which are not so caloric.