500 students attend the vaccine – La Prensa de Monclova

SABINAS, COAHUILA.- A total of 14 trucks left the morning of today, Tuesday, April 5, from the main square of Sabinas, to transport just over 500 primary and secondary school children and adolescents, with the support of the municipal government, in order to that they receive the first dose of the vaccine that will allow them to return to school safely, thanks to the efforts made by Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís before the neighboring country to the north who apply the biological Pfizer. Mayor Diana Haro Martínez went to the place where they were given a breakfast for the road and took the opportunity to greet them and the parents.

The cross-border intensive vaccination day against Covid-19 is being carried out for the benefit of Sabinas students, for the fourth day, and Mayor Diana Haro recognized the great work carried out by the teachers who are the ones who support the integration of the each of the students and contact the parents to obtain their permission letter; in addition to the care provided by the health sector represented in this region by Dr. David Mussi Garza, head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction.

Haro Martínez provides them, during these four days, with the transport service to facilitate the application of the vaccination strategy and also thanked the businessmen who have joined this task so that the largest possible number of children under 12 are mobilized to 14 years and can receive this biological. “It is a coordination that is maintained by all those involved so that they are vaccinated.”

It is important to highlight that the mayor is aware of and monitors through the teachers, the way in which it is carried out from the registration of the students to the hiring of transport, the delivery of breakfast, the tour of the units and the return of the students to confirm that they arrive home in the best health conditions. I reiterate this morning the availability to continue this vaccination day with the call to those who are still waiting to receive the biological.