5 uses in the kitchen that you can give to the holy leaf

If there is one intriguing place that exists in every home in Mexico, at least it is the kitchen. And it is that although in every part of the world, this can change and have different instruments, utensils and even electrical appliances, because here in Mexico we do not have refrigerators of kimchilike in South Korea, but we have the molcajete, some households still metate, as well as some other things.

And since we are in the field of the traditional, well surely you thought of the Tamales. It’s almost a reflection automatic that we Mexicans have, that when they say cuisine, we all think of almost the bare minimum, which is a griddlesto molcajetethe stove and laditoall those come to mind cymbals what can we do there like quesadillas Oh, come on Tamalestypical Mexican food that can be prepared in different ways.