5 traditional and unmissable dishes of Qatar cuisine

On Qatar there will not be only one Soccer World Cup this 2022: it is also a place where you can eat impressively. Today we tell you about 5 dishes of the gastronomy of Qatar that you must try if you visit that country.

By Ollin Velasco

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Have you ever wondered what is eaten at a Qatari feast? Did you know that the gastronomy of that part of the world is the product of the contributions of several nearby regions?

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The food of Qatar It is a mixture of influences from India, Persia, Lebanon and North Africa. In addition, it not only has traditional dyes, but also avant-garde. Their street food is vast, the same as what is made at home; however, in restaurants it is common to use high techniques combined with ancestral knowledge and ingredients from the area.

Qatar cuisine:

Warak Enab

They are vine rolls, stuffed with rice and lamb. The meat is cooked with onion, pepper and garlic, and it is recommended to serve them at room temperature. A common way to eat them is by adding a few drops of previously grilled lemon juice on top.

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It is a spicy stew, which has a lot of vegetables and meat. For him you can use the same beef protein, chicken and fish. This stew is absolutely familiar: it is common that it is prepared any day of the week and it is a factor of cohesion around the table.

Something that characterizes it is that it is eaten with bread, submerging it in the broth, and that the vegetables with which it is made depend on the season of the year in which it is found.


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For many, it is the national dish. It consists of a base of spiced and flavored rice, to which pieces of chicken or lamb are placed on top, as well as homemade tomato sauce.

Majboos is always cooked over low heat, so the intensity and depth of its flavors is important. This dish is served with salad on the side, or on top.

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It consists of a combination of rice, milk, butter and cardamom, which is left to cook for a long time, until it forms a compact, slightly rubbery and soft dough. It is served with chicken or beef, which is cooked separately in a broth with beans.


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The sweet part. To understand what luqaimat consists of, it is worth thinking of a sweet and fried doughnut. However, recognized as one of the most iconic desserts in Qatar, it is made with butter, milk, flour, sugar, saffron and cardamom.

With the dough, small spheres are made, which are then fried in oil, and bathed in a sugary syrup or honey.

As you have already seen, Qatari food is diverse, spicy and abundant. Which of their dishes do you crave the most?