5 recipes to celebrate the typical Mexican cocktail

Did you know that every February 22 the daisy day to typical mexican cocktail who is said to have been born in Ensenada, Baja California.

This national drink, which ranks number 8 in the top 10 of the most popular drinks in the world, is characterized by its original flavor and because it can be prepared in various ways without losing its touch.

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Over the years This cocktail has become popular all over the world for its easy preparation and its simple ingredients: tequila, salt, ice and lemon juice.

Currently there are endless combinations that give this drink a unique versatility, so we leave you some recipes to celebrate this day with one brought to your health.

A very Mexican drink/Photo: Pexels
A very Mexican drink/Photo: Pexels

5 simple recipes to prepare Margaritas

Although it was difficult to choose only 5 recipes, we remind you that all the varieties of this drink coincide in something, in this recipe tequila, salt and a cold frosty glass should not be missing.

1.- Blood of the Sun

This style of Margarita is made with the basic ingredients, but adds cinnamon, grenadine and orange juice the mixture of all these flavors make it a fresh and daring drink.

2.- Nutcracker

If what you are looking for in your Margarita is to highlight the sweetness, this recipe is for you. You only need to add the protagonist, the reposado tequila, apple juice, lime juice, honey and ginger juice. You will be surprised by the result!

Fruits are ideal in this drink/ Photo: Pexels
Fruits are ideal in this drink/ Photo: Pexels

3.- Bushing or milling

If your thing is fruity, you can take a chance on one of these options where tequila will highlight the flavor of your Favorite fruityou just have to add frozen mango pieces, tequila, lemon juice, salt and natural syrup.

Do not forget that this combination can be used with your favorite fruit, one of the most common in the strawberry.

4.- Blue daisy

For lovers of flavor and color, the blue Margarita is the best, just add it to your basics 10 milliliters of blue curaçao with which you will achieve an exquisite, smooth flavor and you will love the color.

A delicious touch of blue/Photo: Pexels
A delicious touch of blue/Photo: Pexels

5.- Chocolate Margarita

A perfect combination that mixes the flavor of tequila, with orange liqueur, chocolate ice cream And if that chocolate is not enough, you can decorate with pieces of grated dark chocolate. You won’t believe it!

You no longer have excuses to celebrate this Margarita day, a typical Mexican cocktail that will remind you of the pleasures of tequila and will make you shout ¡Viva México! in February.