5 products that rose more in price due to inflation

The Mexican basic basket has recently been affected. Photography: Darkroom

Before we start, what is inflation?

According to the Bank of Mexico, inflation is related to the disorderly increase in prices For most goods and services traded in markets, the time period is long.

As measured?

To measure this inflation, each month the INEGI monitors more than 200 thousand prices distributed in different cities of the country. 235 thousand prices in 46 cities in the country. Once the information is processed, the items that have had the greatest weight in family consumption are taken into account.

Now that we are warming up, now if we tell you, these 5 products that rose the most in price in Mexico:

  1. Lemon: Due to climatic changes, the supply and demand of this product is sold at a price above 80 pesos per kilo. Currently, according to the National Information and Market Integration System, the maximum price is estimated at 76 pesos or a minimum of 50 pesos per kilogram.
  2. Tortilla: The price of tortillas increased almost 20% (17.7% to be exact) compared to last year. The materials with which this product of the basic Mexican basket is created are dough and corn, products that register an increase in price due to the fact that electrical and distribution processes are more expensive today. Today the price of a kilo of tortilla is 18 pesos in Mexico City.
  3. Avocado: Avocado registered an increase of 8.70%. One of the reasons for seeing this increase reflected is because the preferred foods in Mexican cuisine are transported by land, given the increase in hydrocarbons, the price of the product also increases. Today the 9 kg box is sold for up to 600 pesos.
  4. Chicken: Chicken, compared to 2021, saw an increase in its price by 10.48. Today the breast is sold for around 96 pesos per kilo.
  5. LP Gas: One of the most used hydrocarbons in the Mexican economy is LP gas, which registered increases in its price due to the international market, the incidence of the United States, China and European countries.

If you are interested in knowing more about the products that have been most affected by inflation, here is a list:

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