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5 healthy breakfasts with avocado to make delicious breakfasts

The avocado It’s one of the healthy food What more benefits will it bring to our organism. For this reason, it is best to include in the breakfast daily this fruit so rich and nutritious that we can combine it with endless ingredients varied.

Although it is often thought that avocados fattening, the truth is that this food does not have to do so. Avocados are fattening if taken in large amounts and for a long time, as is the case with most foods.

Therefore, incorporate it daily in the breakfast It’s not something that’s going to make us gain weight. As long as we do it in the quantities necessary to nourish our body and combined with other ingredients healthy.

At breakfast the best thing is that we incorporate all kinds of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to start the day strong. Therefore, avocado can be that extra supply of healthy fats that will improve the state of our health in many aspects.

Avocado vitamin C and vitamin D

To help you incorporate this food to your daily breakfast, we are going to show you some ideal and nutritious combinations that will improve your mornings immediately.

Healthy breakfasts with avocado to eat every day

The avocadoAs mentioned above, it is one of the foods more nutritious that we can eat daily without any problem. In addition, it can help improve cardiovascular health and skin condition due to its high content of healthy fats.

Healthy breakfasts with avocado that you will like
Healthy breakfasts with avocado that you will like

So, we are going to tell you some of the breakfasts complete, easy and healthy that you can eat daily made with avocado.

  • Avocado toast with egg and chia seeds: There is nothing like incorporating healthy and natural ingredients into your breakfasts. Thus, the egg will incorporate a large amount of protein and chia seeds are a superfood rich in health benefits.
  • Avocado cream with yogurt: This is a breakfast that you can prepare quickly and that you can combine with other ingredients such as tomato or cucumber.
  • Avocado cream with salmon and sesame: This is a delicious combination to which you can include sesame to increase its benefits.
  • Baked avocados with cheese: It is best that you choose a type of cheese that is low in calories and low in fat to avoid harming your metabolism.
  • Avocado and strawberry smoothie with cream cheese: This is an ideal combination for those who want to take their breakfast to work and make it healthy and nutritious.

In recent years, different research works have been carried out that have highlighted some favorable effects of avocado for the Health. And it is that this fruit contains important beneficial properties for the prevention of diseases.

Other healthy breakfasts for your day to day

In addition to avocado, there are other healthy food that we can certainly incorporate into our breakfasts to improve our health.

And it is that many people are the ones who decide to eat the same thing every day after waking up. Among the most common things is milk and Cafeteriaplus bread, cereal, or oatmeal. But there are other products that can improve our breakfast.

For example, including at this time of day the baobab. This food will give us an important dose of vitamin C. What makes the baobab a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight against free radicals.

In addition, we can also eat fasting daily fruit such as mango or grapefruit. Since they are foods very rich in antioxidants that will improve the functioning of the digestive system and many other aspects of our body.