5 dried fruits that cannot be missing in your kitchen

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts and pistachios are among the most consumed

Dried fruits receive this name because they have less than 50% water content in their composition.. There is a huge variety of nuts, which are often confused with seeds due to their great similarity in characteristics and contributions.

In recent years, its use has increased due to its versatility, flavor, aromas and nutritional contributions. Next, we point out 5 essential fruits in the kitchen that will make dishes a more delicious option, full of textures and flavors.

california walnuts


It is perhaps the best known fruit of the existing ones. Due to its contributions, it is considered a superfood. It is the fruit of the walnut tree and there are around 50 varieties, such as the Castile or macadamia nut, but the best known is the Persian walnut, also called the English walnut..

The walnut, with a rough texture, is ideal for any preparation, such as savory dishes and traditional desserts, but also to eat it as a snack or snack without cooking it, since its properties are greater if it is eaten raw. It can be added to salads, meats or fillings.

It is one of the most beneficial nuts for brain health, helping to improve cognitive abilities such as memory strengthening. They are native to Asia, but their consumption and production has spread throughout the world, especially in the Mediterraneanwhere nuts are an important part of the diet.

almond milk
Almond milk gains popularity in the world


It is one of the nuts that has gained the most popularity in recent years due to the production of almond milk, the best-known vegetable milk.. They have a delicate and sweet flavor, and are covered by a thin layer of brown.

They can be consumed at different times of the day. For example, it can be added to muesli at breakfast to enrich it. It is used in confectionery for the preparation of nougat or marzipan and in the bakery to even make flour and obtain delicious results.

Among its benefits, like other nuts, is its high fiber content, which, in addition to regulating the digestive process and reducing constipationsatiate the appetite faster, and due to this, it is recommended in diets to reduce weight in a healthy way.



They are originally from China, but found in the Mediterranean an ideal place for their consumption and production. Sweet in taste, they are covered by a fibrous shell that protects them from the environment.

Used for multiple preparations, they can be eaten raw, but it is usual to toast them before using them because it enhances their flavor. They are usually served on cheese boards for pairings or accompanied by fruits such as apples and pears.

In addition, it is perfect for use in baking due to its subtle sweetness. Being rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, its consumption is recommended to improve the appearance of the skin. and for its benefits in brain functions.



Traditionally consumed in countries like SpainIt has a low caloric content. Its origin, like most, is located in the Asian continent. Formerly they were consumed as a survival food.

Although it is a dry fruit, its characteristics make it more similar to cereals, therefore, it is recommended to chew them properly due to their high starch content.

In this case, it is better to consume them roasted or toasted rather than raw, being used in confectionery, or as a garnish for savory dishes. Its antioxidant power helps strengthen the immune system.



Of characteristic color, they are native to the Middle East and Asia Minor. The consumption of pistachios was privileged in its beginnings, coming to be considered as a royal food in certain places. pistachiowhich is produced from the pistachio tree, it is a fruit whose consumption is even entertaining, since you have to remove the skin before eating them.

It is one of the nuts with the lowest caloric content and is usually marketed with a light touch of salt, making it a perfect snack. In addition, it can be used to make ice cream and cakes.

Its content of antioxidants and vitamins is higher than that of other fruits, and its properties are associated with stress reduction. It can be consumed as lunch or snack.

Definitely, the consumption and appreciation of nuts have been gradually increasing due to their multiple qualitiesbecoming a highly appreciated food for its benefits and is even part of the annual gastronomic trends.

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