5 breakfasts or brunches to celebrate your mom this Sunday

“Life itself is the binge,” used to say Julia Child, the popular chef and television presenter, recognized for introducing French gastronomy to the kitchens of the United States during the 1960s. Some will question the apology for abundance that contains the phrase, but it is undeniable that when it comes to seeking pleasure and enjoyment, good food is infallible.

Not for nothing, the also famous and deceased chef Anthony Bourdain maintained that in the kitchen the only thing that matters is whether the dish is good and if it gives pleasure. But that feeling of satisfaction can be very short-lived when the pace of life is hectic and overwhelming. Chores and responsibilities, even if they find justification in what is necessary, usually destroy rest and mental health. For this reason, food is more than eating: it is a personal space, although also open to being shared, in which we can absent ourselves from the rest of the things to concentrate on nothing more than enjoyment.

Wouldn’t we wish we had the power to bring that pleasure to our loved ones, especially our mothers or whom we adore as one? It does not matter that current studies on nutrition demystify the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: that does not rule out the possibility that it may be the most emotionally relevant. What better than starting Sunday feeling the love behind a meaningful gift, the sublimity of something well prepared and the brain firing those addictive agents that are enkephalins and endorphins.

As we are good and we want the best for you, we leave you with new information on various ventures —some emerged during the pandemic— to which you can order that breakfast full of love that you want to dedicate to your holy mother. As the popular proverb says: “guatita full, happy heart”.

“That people can show their love through small breakfast boxes” is the objective that this venture that emerged during the pandemic, in May 2020, and that in a short time shows impressive growth: two locations in Santiago and Rancagua and ten people participating in it.

And María Fernanda (26), María Teresa (28) and María Jesús (30), the three sisters behind La Mattina, know affection, who apart from the surname —Olave— and being all called María, share a taste for catering.

Fernanda, among other things, is the administrator of the place they have in Rancagua. In charge of the facilities in Santiago is Jesu, who is also a speech therapist, a career that she continues to practice, although in a smaller way. Meanwhile, Tere continues with her work as a school teacher, and her free time, weekends and important dates are dedicated to entrepreneurship.

What can be found in La Mattina? Fer answers: “We have 17 different types of breakfasts (vegan, vegetarian, for diabetics and celiacs, etc.) and each one has different and innovative products. Some things we cook ourselves and others we buy.”

For Mother’s Day, however, the option is unique and consists of an AFE fruit juice, a bread sandwich croissants with buttery cheese, artisanal turkey ham and lettuce, two macaronstwo mini wafers filled with jar delicacies, a glass bowl with a mix of fruits, a coffee Nescafe Cappuccino, a Twinings tea (includes a cup), a heart-shaped cookie that says “Happy Mother’s Day”, a mini bouquet of flowers and a holiday card. All that for $26,000 plus the shipping fee.

Orders must be made three days in advance —or while supplies last— through the Instagram accounts @lamattina_scl, in Santiago; and @desayunos_lamattina, in the VI Region.

With the learning obtained in the Culinary, and with the experience obtained during four years of entrepreneurship, Eduardo Gacitúa (27) and Beatriz Barrientos (27) and their Yellow Bakery begin to make a name for themselves in the world of pastry and events, with an imaginary that is as particular as it is interesting: “A cake is no longer just an element to eat and blow out candles, but rather it forms a decorative theme together with all the accessories, such as cupcakes, macaronswafers, popsiclesand more”.

They offer to “make beautiful and delicious things”, in a personalized way and taking care that there is a “perfect match” between the elements. The forte is the cakes, which have a double-height technique, learned and improved in various training sessions held in cities such as New York and Barcelona.

For Mother’s Day, this bakery offers a basketball breakfast: a basket (made of ecological cardboard) that includes two XL croissants filled with cheese and turkey ham, a Greek yogurt, granola, a muffin, two waffles filled with white manjar, a Starbucks coffee, a Twinings tea and an individual bottle of natural juice. “Everything a mother needs to start her day off right,” say Eduardo and Beatriz.

If you are interested in this alternative, you can order it through the bakery’s website or, alternatively, call the numbers 952266724 or 942175114. Its value is $25,000, to which the cost of dispatch must be added, in case it is not pick up at the store located in San Bernardo.

Another alternative with special work on the aesthetic part is the one you can find with Filipa Fuentes, through Tablas Deli. In 2020, and in the midst of the pandemic, the costume designer decided to leave retail and fashion but did not learn from her in visual merchandise Y food stylingin addition to customer service, with which he created his own business.

More about Mother’s Day

At Tablas Deli, Filipa offers tables of cocktails and appetizers, which include a selection of cheese and charcuterie, as well as seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweet pastries, pastas of various mixtures and chocolates, among other accessories. “Everything with a personal touch,” says the entrepreneur, who has also explored the sweet side of cooking.

For Mother’s Day, Tabla Deli has prepared a “brunch-style” table, to “enjoy at any time of the day”. This includes: a bread bowl of flavored sourdough, stuffed with a fondue four cheeses and asparagus; four varieties of cheese (camembert, brie, gruyere and smoked), three varieties of charcuterie (fuet, stuffed loin and serrano ham) and a spreadable paste. To this adds cranberries of fig, mini grissini, nuts, Turkish apricot, seasonal fruits, stuffed Seville olives, cocktail corn and tomatoes cherries, as well as “kumquat from my tree”. All this with a presentation worthy of the food artfor an “organoleptic experience”, says Filipa.

In any case, the table can be customized according to tastes and needs, removing or adding vegan and/or vegetarian options. The base value is $29,900. The order must be made directly on the Instagram of Tablas Deli, which has delivery to all of Santiago (with an extra charge depending on the commune).

It was precisely on Mother’s Day 2020 when the sisters Fabiola (38) and Macarena Castro (30) were encouraged to create Murta Breakfasts. “We knew that many would not be able to visit or hug their mothers and a remote breakfast would be a beautiful gesture for times of quarantine,” they comment.

Fed up has changed for the chef and the stylist. And for good, given that the level of growth they have achieved in these two years has allowed them to invest more and in a better way, although always resorting to other entrepreneurs to provide themselves. “So we can offer homemade and fresh products,” they explain.

The “do it yourself” philosophy also extends among friends and family, who help in the preparation and delivery. “We believe that it has been the key to carry out the high demand and meet our customers. It is something that we will always be grateful for and that fills our souls”, they confess.

Murta Breakfasts is dedicated exclusively to preparing what will be the first meal of the day. Each order is assembled during the early morning of the delivery day and is dispatched at 6 in the morning, when the delivery person takes the post, from Maipú to make the delivery throughout Santiago —except Paine, Buin and Pirque.

Breakfast for this Mother’s Day consists of an orange vitamin, a Starbucks coffee, Pukka tea, a mix of fruits, a Kuchen southerner of crumbs, a bread ciabatta with hydroponic lettuce, turkey ham, buttery cheese and tomato slices, a mix of homemade cookies, snowballs, dulce de leche delicacies, a cake red velvet, mangueada dipped in chocolate and walnuts, and a heart of chocolate and caramel filled with dulce de leche. To this they add a box with themed stationery, a bowl, a collage of three photos and a picture of mom.

The base value of this breakfast is $34,000. Although, if you want to include a bouquet of flowers, it increases to $44,000. Orders are received through Murta Breakfast Instagram until stock lasts.

Paulina Pinto says that Dulce Pola started when she was still a child. She’s always had an interest in baking, and as she got older, those childhood explorations took shape. This was also done by the enterprise, which in ten years enlarged its product menu, in which the cakes, feettartlets, brownies, muffins, cookies, waffles, desserts, quiches and tapas, among others. Be careful with the white delicacy, made at home.

In 2020, Paulina’s efforts were joined by three new partners, Alejandro Pinto, Eduardo Pérez and Jaime Campos, which will allow Dulce Pola to have its first store, a cafeteria and pastry shop, as well as a website to place orders online with Home delivery.

For this Sunday, Dulce Pola offers a breakfast gourmet consisting of a piece of leaf litter cake and blancmange, a natural orange juice, a glass of seasonal fruit, a croissant sandwich with ham and cheese and another with fresh cheese, tomato and hydroponic lettuce, eight mini cupcakes of blueberries and six thin orange cookies (chocolate flowers, circles and hearts). In addition, a “sweet gift” is included consisting of two wafers filled with chocolate and white delicacy, five oranges with chocolate, four beggars of chocolate, a napkin with design and wooden cutlery. “Also a personalized message for your mom: you send it to us and we add it printed to this delicious box”, adds Pauline.

The value of this breakfast is $28,500 (includes the office for the districts of Las Condes, La Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, Ñuñoa, Huechuraba). To order, you can write to Dulce Pola’s Instagram, or order it on Whatsapp +56992203895. ️

*Product prices are current as of May 5, 2022. Values ​​and availability may change.