5 breakfast mistakes that prevent you from being fit at 50

The breakfast It constitutes The most important meal of the daybut even taking this into account a common mistake is to skip this to go straight to work, Starting the day on an empty stomach. Know the 5 mistakes in the breakfast that prevent you from being in shape at 50.

In case you don’t skip the breakfastnot all options are consumed in the early hours of the morning are completely beneficialsince the breakfast should be composed mainly for a high protein and fiber level.

Being so, experts recommend to people over 50 years of age remove food with high levels of sugar for this first meal of the day.

If you belong to this group and would like to be in shape or stay healthy, we present a list of bad habits in breakfast that you must eliminate to reach your goal.

errors in the breakfast What prevents you from being in shape at 50?

1. Have granola for breakfast

It is important review content nutritious of the products we consume, since, although granola packaging may mention phrases such as: “Natural”, “Low Sodium” or “Gluten Free”These may contain a high sugar levelaccording to nutrition specialist Jinan Banna.

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This option of breakfastprovides a very high level of calories and contains very few beneficial vitamins and minerals,” she said.

An option for substitute for granolais he consumption of fruits and vegetablessince these make up a important source of fiber and contain a minimal caloric load.

2. Extend the fast

Another mistake in breakfast it takes a long time to do it. When there are very long times From the moment you wake up until the first meal, you can cause serious damage to health and brain functionas indicated by nutritionist Trista Best.


3. The breakfast in a single bar

The site El Confidencial mentions that these “protein bars” must be eliminated of the breakfastas they may contain highest blood sugar than the level of protein they offer.

4. High levels of carbohydrates

It is important walk away of the breads, cookies and flours in the early morning hours. Nutritionist Lisa Richards mentions that these foods could cause it to start lose skin elasticity

5. Just drink coffee

yes it only one consumed before leaving home is coffee or teacan cause a severe dehydrationnutritionist Heather Hanks indicates that must be leveled coffee and water intake support digestion without going to this extreme.


exist Many options really healthy for him breakfast, it is recommended have a high protein intakewhich can be found at Greek yogurt or dried fruit.

Likewise, remember do not prolong fasting for too long much less jump the breakfast.

You already know, at avoid mistakes in breakfast and acquire healthy habits you can give you great benefits to your body

(With information from El Confidencial)