4 “very Colombian” breakfasts that no palate can resist

if you like to eat “full” to start the day, do not forget to try a breakfast “very Colombian”. Discover what are the 4 “breakfasts” most desired by Colombians.


Tamales are a complete breakfast, which the palate of Colombians cannot resist. You can get them depending on the region of the country where you eat it, you get Tolimenses, Santafereños or Antioquia, wherever you try them, they are all delicious. Some have chicken, beef, and eggs, but it’s the traditional Sunday breakfast, with a hot chocolate and achiras.

eggs in saucepan

If you like eggs, in Colombia, you can eat eggs in a saucepan, with butter, salt and arepas. It is one of the most desired typical breakfasts and you can accompany them with ‘tinto’, a piece of bread or coffee with milk. The cooking term of the egg will always be ‘soft’ or more ‘firm’, but nobody can resist some ‘little eggs’ with warm arepas.

Rib broth

If you are in the highlands of Boyacá, one of the typical breakfasts is Caldo de Costilla, and it is that the cold deserves a ‘soup’ to warm up, the broth is eaten very hot, in the morning, it is usually accompanied with potatoes, meat, onion and fresh cilantro bits, just ‘chopped’, which gives it a delicious flavor.

The dessert is usually a sparkling chocolate, arepa and ‘fresh’ bread. It is one of the breakfasts that They are consumed in Boyacá and in other places in Cundinamarca.


Eating changua is something very ‘bogotano’, it is a soup that has eggs, milk, cheese and is served with a little chopped cilantro and drafts or toasted bread. Some put onion and butter to make it ‘special’. The changua is one of those dishes desired for breakfast in Bogotá, very ‘warm’ due to the cold. However, it is one of the dishes “most controversial” some love it so much that they consume it at any time of the day and others hate it. It is a matter of tastes and flavors. Have you already tried it?