3 succulent proposals to enjoy in CDMX

“The sweaty taco is the Volkswagen of tacos: practical, good and economical,” the renowned Mexican writer once said Jorge Ibarguengoitiareferring to one of the cymbals that has given identity to the Mexican gastronomy worldwide. For this reason, since 2007 every March 31 is celebrated the Taco Day.

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The origin of the date is nothing more than a consequence of a commercial proposal without much meaning. However, it has been continued due to the importance of this culinary proposal, which has diversified to more options gourmet.

Although there is no clear origin of the tacosAmong the most accepted theories, the one that traces its creation to the olmec diet, where it is believed that the first traces of the nixtamalized corn. So, to celebrate the taco dayhere we present some succulent proposals that different restaurants have prepared in the Mexico City.


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The Chef Alexander Suastegui and the bartender jose mortar display a menu where sustainable ingredients are the protagonists of exclusive gastronomic proposals. The restaurant’s cuisine is characterized by a mixture of Comfort Food and Street Food northern. There a traditional dry taco from sinaloa with its red sauce will welcome the diners.

taco day
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For this one taco day the Cook Lula Martin del Campo has prepared four exquisite proposals that fill the soul and the heart as they are: the taco of pressed chicharrĂ³n and octopus, with blue corn tortilla and guacamole; the cheese taco, shrimp and grasshoppers with red corn tortilla; shaken fish taco with fiesta beans and xnipex with white corn tortilla; as well as the cauliflower taco with black recado and white corn tortilla.

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Founded by the Cook Alonzo Madrigal, This restaurant is characterized by a casual diningenriched with international influences. To do this, they use methods such as slow steam cooking in succulent dishes that comfort the palate such as barbecue tacos.

With these surprising options you won’t be able to resist celebrating the taco day with a delight of flavors and sensations.

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