130,000 vulnerable students in Sonora will benefit from the school breakfast program: DIF

Hermosillo, Sonora.- This 2022, the DIF Sonora will implement the School Breakfast Food Program, whose objective is to provide free breakfasts to vulnerable students from primary and secondary schools in the state.

Lorenia Valles Sampedro, director of the DIF in Sonora, explained that the operation of the program will be carried out with the help of the school breakfast committees, as well as the mothers and fathers, the tutors, in addition to the teaching staff and the staff of the Municipal DIF System.


“The School Breakfast Food Program has the purpose of guaranteeing the right to healthy, nutritious and culturally acceptable food, this is very important, to children and adolescents in conditions of vulnerability, or social marginalization, we have priority in those in state of malnutrition who attend public schools of the National Educational System, located in the 72 municipalities of the entity.

In other words, we have coverage in all the municipalities of the state, our target population is the children and adolescents who attend these schools and who, of course, have a high degree of marginalization in their municipalities, or in their region”.

“The operation of the school breakfast program is based on a strategy determined by the National DIF, which is the comprehensive strategy of food and development social assistance. It is important to mention that this scheme is a joint scheme, national DIF, state DIF and the 72 municipal systems”, detailed the state official.


Lorenia Valles Sampedro pointed out that, with the program, this year around 130 thousand students will benefit, from children and adolescents from Sonora.

“In fiscal year 2021, 127,000 students benefited, now in this year 2022, 130,000, 140 students will benefit, that is, 3,073 more students, every day,” Valles Sampedro explained.