10 savory recipes with oranges to prepare right away

One of the reasons we love the oranges? Their versatility in the kitchen. We can use them to prepare the most varied desserts at home, from cakes to the sorbets passing through the cream; but the even more interesting thing is that they also become the protagonists of many savory recipes. Here is a selection of ideas all to taste.

  1. Salad. The orange salad is a side typical Sicilian, the other ingredients are the red onions and the black olives. On the other hand, however, it is a recipe that lends itself to the most varied interpretations. Try, for example, the variant with beetroot and the one with rocket and carrots.
  2. Winter couscous (chicken and orange) Cous cous with chicken and orange. But let’s start to raise the bar. Lovers of cous cous they cannot miss the winter version with chicken and oranges, which in addition to being decidedly tasty takes very little time as well as a balance limited, which these days is not bad.
  3. Orange risotto. A refined first course, very easy to prepare, which everyone agrees on. It is recommended to use the Tarocco orangespossibly not treated; both the juice that the zestthat is the external part of the rind. The aroma of this risotto is made even more intense by the further and fromchives.
  4. Turkey drumsticks with orange. And still speaking of White meatwe strongly suggest trying the turkey drumsticks with orange, which become a very different Sunday dish from the usual ones. Including the cooking time, it takes about an hour to prepare them. The perfect accompaniment? The baked potatoes, sure.
  5. Roast pork with orange. Meat, but this time pork. The universe of roasts is as wide as it is varied, here the orange marinade which not only makes the meat softer, but also gives a quid of taste in the name of harmony. Also present at the appeal mandarins and the Marsala dry.
  6. Duck in orange sauce. It can not miss sheduck with orange. Which inevitably leads to two great names in Italian cinema: Monica Vitti and Ugo Tognazzi. Of remote French origins, it is certainly a dish whose preparation requires time and patience, however – what can we tell you to do? – definitely worth it. In any case, there are tricks and small tricks that simplify the company and guarantee a result of 10 and praise.
  7. Cream of pumpkin soup with orange and gratinated barley. This is an absolutely di-vi-no dish on colder days. Rich, nutritious, healthy. With an intense but at the same time delicate flavor. The soup is prepared in half an hour, you need the microwave.
  8. Shrimp and bacon in orange sauce. Let’s move on to fish and its surroundings. There combined prawns and bacon is unusual, yes, but not to be missed: we assure you that it gives great satisfaction. If you then add the orange sauceyou get a dish from real chefs. For the appetizer, but also – indeed, even better – for the aperitif. Preparation time: a quarter of an hour and away.
  9. Orange mackerel. A plate lightsimple to prepare but fanciful and original? Mackerel with orange. Few steps, few ingredients, guaranteed success. Will the little ones appreciate? We bet on yes (perhaps after an initial perplexity). As for the accompaniment, you can indulge yourself, but know that theoptimal it can be reached with friarielli sautéed in a pan.
  10. Swordfish rolls with orange. We love them, these rolls. For their flavor but also for the irresistible scent, deriving from a masterful mix of ingredients: the fish and citrus fruits are added pecorino cheeseIsultanasIgarlicIlaurelI Pine nutsI capers and the parsley. A dish indeed chic. Made in Sicily.